LightSand z10 / z196 ? FICON Express4 Interoperability
November, 2011
LightSand's S-series and i-Series gateways provide long distance extension for IBM?'s latest z10, z114 and z196 with FICON Express4 cards..

LightSand / IBM Total Storage Proven Certifications
June, 2011
LightSand has always been a strategic and active partner with IBM following the technology trends, growth of business and customer demands... this way we are able to present to our customers a varied of IBM TSP solutions using LightSand technology. Our new TSP include:

  • Three Site XRC replication over 1.000km
  • Layer 2 for VMWare Extension
  • Power HA System Mirror for iSeries
  • A complete Monitoring System for all IBM BC&RS solutions

LightSand i-SWAN 2.0 Architecture
April, 2011
With the introduction of the new LightSand features and taking in consideration our vision of the High Availability DR solutions, we present you with our latest newsletter that covers our major improvements and strategic view of the new DR reality and link optimization.

IDC Directory 2010
November, 2010
Following our expansion and visibility plan, we decided to participate in IDC Directory 2010 with some publicity and the exclusivity of the page marker..

UniServiceData New Website and Customer Portal
November, 2010
Our new website and customer portal are finally online. This website is one of the results of the corporate brand refresh that started with the new integrated image between UniServiceData and LightSand. Along with the website, we've introduced our SMART customer Portal that will be the main entrance for all of our customers that have one of our SaaS products and want to view or modify settings, along with the possibility to manage and review all of the historic support tickets opened.

New Corporate Image
September, 2010
UniServiceData announced it's new Corporate Image. This new image is the result of the full integration of both companies that belong to the same Group - UniServiceData and LightSand. Along with this new logo, all of the physical and digital marketing supports were also updated with the objective to show our customers and partners our constant search for innovation and excellency.