S-8100F - FICON Extension Gateway


The S-8100F Is a Flexible and Powerful FICON and LANs
Over SONET/SDH Gateway

S-8100F Deployment Diagram

  • S-8100F has eight ports: Layer 2 Ethernet, FC and SONET/SDH predefined per customer request and deployment objectives.
  • Can extend FICON devices without FICON director switches.
  • Implements trunking mechanism, allowing cost effective deployments of up to seven parallel FICON channels and/or LANs over a single Sonet/SDH WAN connection.
  • Supports redundant connection, for high availability and load balancing.
  • Engineered for Long Distance - transferring FICON over POS, using OC-3/STM-1 or OC- 12/STM-4, for distances of thousands of kilometers, without performance degradation and with data delivery guaranteed.

Download Datasheet (182KB)
See also: i-8100F