i-1100 FCV (FICON Bridge) Extension Gateway


The i-1100 is an Intelligent FCV (FICON Bridge) Over Routed IP Gateway

i-1100 Deployment Diagram

  • The i-1100 has two ports: FCV (FICON Bridge) and IP/GbE predefined
  • Offers a truly flexible and affordable solution, to extend legacy devices working with ESCON interfaces using the FCV protocol
  • Offers transparent and simple to implement gateway in a compact 1U design
  • Uses existing FICON/FC cabling infrastructure
  • Engineered for Long Distance transferring FCV over IP for distances of thousands of kilometers without performance degradation, and with data and order delivery guaranteed
  • Includes traffic shaping mechanisms such as Manual Rate Limitation and Congestion Avoidance to allow maintaining maximal possible performance in shared or low bandwidth IP WAN environments
  • Uses Hardware Compression for more efficient utilization of low bandwidth or provisioned bandwidth connections.

Download Datasheet (91KB)