i-8100A - Inter-Fabric-Routing Gateway


The i-8100A Interconnects Remote SANs and LANs Over Routed IP Networks

i-8100A Deployment Diagram

  • i-8100A has eight ports: Layer 2 Ethernet/GbE, FC, IP/GbE predefined per customer request and deployment objectives.
  • Embedded AR/DAT engine interconnects remote SANs without actually merging them - creating non-disruptive SANs which can share devices in a secure way.
  • Supports interoperability in all standard modes of major FC switch vendors (Brocade, McDATA, Cisco, etc.), as well as proprietary/native modes.
  • Supports local switching, direct device attachment and all mandatory and extended FC services (including zoning).
  • Engineered for Long Distance - transferring FC and Layer 2 Ethernet over IP, for distances of thousands of kilometers, without performance degradation and with data and order delivery guaranteed.
  • Includes traffic shaping mechanisms such as Manual Rate Limitation and Congestion Avoidance, to allow maintaining of maximal possible performance in shared or low bandwidth IP WAN environments.

Download Datasheet (197KB)
See also: S-8100A