i-8100E-SMB Cost effective FC Switching Gateway


The i-8100E-SMB multi-functional interconnection gateway offers cost effective solution for small and medium businesses for extending FC fabrics and LAN over routed IP networks

i-8100E-SMB Deployment Diagram

  • i-8100E-SMB has four ports: 2 FC ports, one Layer 2 Ethernet/GbE and one IP/GbE port.
  • Implements E-Port connectivity and supporting all mandatory and extended FC services (PSS, FSPF, RSCN; Zone, Name, Configuration servers).
  • Supports interoperability in all standard modes of major FC switch vendors (Brocade, McDATA, Cisco, etc.), as well as proprietary/native modes.
  • Supports local switching and direct device attachment (F-Port).
  • Layer 2 device (GBE) may be attached and tunneled over FC fabric.
  • Engineered for Long Distance transferring FC and Layer 2 Ethernet over IP for distances of thousands of kilometers without performance degradation, and with data and order delivery guaranteed.
  • Includes traffic shaping mechanisms such as Manual Rate Limitation and Congestion Avoidance to allow maintaining maximal possible performance in shared or low bandwidth IP WAN environments.
  • Uses Hardware Compression for more efficient utilization of low bandwidth or provisioned bandwidth connections - transferring more data while keeping the low price of the extension circuit.

Download Datasheet (118KB)
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