New Generation Series


Fibre Channel or FICON and Ethernet Layer 2 Over IP

i-8100 Deployment Diagram

LightSand i-Series gateways provide flexible, reliable data movement of Fibre Channel, Layer 2 Ethernet and/or FICON data over new or existing IP networks, without performance degradation, and with data and order delivery guaranteed.

The data rate can be optimized for anything from simple DSL connections up to the highest multi-gigabit networks. i-Series gateways include traffic shaping mechanisms such as Manual Rate Limitation and Congestion Avoidance to allow maintaining maximal possible performance in shared or low bandwidth IP WAN environments.

The following LightSand products support Fibre Channel and Ethernet Layer 2 over IP: i-8100A, i-8100B, i-8100E.

The following LightSand product supports FICON and Ethernet Layer 2 over IP: i-7100F.