OASIS Platform


OASIS Platform (SaaS)


The OASIS platform runs on the Cloud as SaaS (Software as a Service) and is the management engine behind all networking equipment.

Firstly developed and optimized for LightSand equipment, OASIS is a bundle suite that enables our customers to have full control of their networking infrastructure.

As businesses rely on their networks for data, communication, and backbone operations, slow performance and outages can impact every single deal of your business. With OASIS you have the ability to monitor in real-time your network performance that can help you find problems and resolve them before they escalate.

With OASIS platform you can optimize Your Network Performance, Avoid System Downtime, receive Alerts & Notifications in Real-Time, Schedule Reports, Avoid Performance Bottlenecks.

With OASIS, you can deliver better quality of service proactively, reduce costs by buying only according to your real needs, increase profits by minimizing downtime...

The OASIS Platform is divided in three modules:

  • OASISI Alerts & Notifications
  • OAIS Monitoring
  • OASIS Reporting