Application Notes


FICON Over Distance

FICON is rapidly replacing ESCON as the leader for connecting mainframe computers to storage devices, especially for long distance connections. FICON offers higher performance, greater connection flexibility, and increased distance between devices. However, even with the improved FICON protocol, the connection distance has been limited to 10 kilometers. LightSand now offers high-speed connections for FICON devices over long distances over either IP or SONET/SDH networks, without requiring expensive director-class SAN switches. LightSand?s solution for extending FICON over metro and wide area networks opens up the FICON market for critical applications like remote mirroring for disaster recovery and storage consolidation for cost reduction.

Consortium Delivers 400MB/sec Over Distributed Cluster

LightSand teamed up with SGI, Marconi, Brocade, Bay Microsystems and the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) to create a system for delivering 400 Mbytes per second over a 50 mile wide area network distributed file system.

LightSand and SGI Demonstrate CXFS Over Distance

Two revolutionary technologies have been combined to demonstrate a multi-OS SAN file system operating between geographically separated data centers. The combination of technology based on SGI?s CXFS File system and LightSand?s SONET gateways has enabled the creation of shared file systems operating at distances never before imagined.

Multi-OS Wide Area File System

LightSand and SGI are demonstrating the first multi-OS wide area file system. This unique system links SGI, Windows, and Sun workstations together across the wide area network (WAN) using a common file system based on CXFS technology.

Multiple Data Services Over Dedicated Fiber

A comparison is made between traditional DWDM networking equipment and LightSand's SONET gateways to demonstrate how LightSand provides IP and Fibre Channel services over a dedicated fiber with higher performance and lower cost.