FICON Over Distance


The 'F' Type Gateways are Flexible and Powerful FICON and LANs
Over SONET/SDH or Routed IP Gateways.

Deployment Diagram

  • Overcomes standard FICON distance limitations - FICON devices separated by thousands of kilometers can now communicate. No expensive FICON directors are necessary to provide FICON extension across the WAN.
  • The 'F' type gateway is designed to interface directly with FICON mainframe and storage devices.
  • Implements trunking mechanism, allowing cost effective deployments of up to seven parallel FICON channels and/or LANs clustered over a single WAN connection.
  • Avoids configuration conflicts by reducing Zone strategy, correlation parameters and allowing overlapped FC addresses in attached ARs.
  • Supports redundant connections for high availability and load balancing:
    • When multiple WAN interfaces are installed, each FICON input can be directed through a separate WAN interface, providing optimal data traffic distribution. If one WAN connection fails, traffic is automatically redistributed through the remaining healthy connections, providing complete recovery on the gateway rather than on the FC fabric level.

See also: i-8100F, S-8100F