Heterogeneous SANs Interconnection


SAN isolation and interconnection of heterogeneous FC fabrics
Autonomous Region, Domain Address Translation (AR/DAT)

Deployment Diagram

  • AR/DAT (Autonomous regions/Domain Address Translation) gateways provide SAN isolation and interconnection of heterogeneous FC fabrics and LANs over Sonet/SDH or routed IP networks.
  • Allows individual FC fabrics to be connected without actually merging, and still share devices. As a result, any disruptions are fully isolated in the local FC fabric.
  • Enables heterogeneous SAN integration by interconnecting multi-vendor remote fabrics, which are not usually interoperable.
  • Avoids configuration conflicts by reducing Zone strategy, correlation parameters and allowing overlapped FC addresses in attached ARs.
  • Provides new level of security for SAN fabrics: Shares devices in a unique export/import firewall-like mechanism.
  • AR/DAT gateways support interoperability within a heterogeneous SAN providing basic services for native modes of major FC switch vendors and all mandatory FC services (PSS, FSPF, Zoning, Name, Configuration servers, etc.) as well as local switching and direct device attachment.

See also: i-8100A, S-8100A