Congestion Avoidance


LightSand Congestion Avoidance Solutions

Congestion Avoidance

The new LightSand technology, Congestion Avoidance, enables the use o any kind of WAN link between Data Centres, from the dedicated Ultra Low-Latency networks to other types of shared Link communications with a reduced SLA such as the Internet.

The Congestion Avoidance technology is an important added value to our customer SAN Extension solutions where the WAN communications link is shared or with reduced SLA that will allow a better ROI with simultaneous cost savings.

From this moment on, our customers won't have to worry anymore about their WAN network connectivity to start using Fibre Channel Extension. The LightSand Congestion Avoidance feature will be responsible for controlling the connectivity allowing customer applications to run always at the best performance and without errors.

LightSand equipments are the unique offering on the market with the possibility to use any kind of WAN network, breaking the paradigm that is always a pre-requisite to have a High Reliable network link, with a lot of bandwidth available to run customer applications, like Storage/Tape Replication.