i-SWAN 2.0


Intelligent Storage Wide Area Network

The LightSand architecture i-SWAN 2.0, is a set of new features and enhancements that will allow a more comprehensive Optimization, Management and Virtualization of an entire High Availability solution.

With i-SWAN 2.0, the definition of Remote SAN is elevated to the Cloud, where we introduced the Intelligence and Total Control combined with Real-Time Monitorization: LightSand OASIS Platform.

The Layer2 extension protocol allows the interconnectivity between Data Centres of any kind of LAN, enabling DR solutions of the New Virtual Worlds, like for example VMware VMotion and storage VMotion.

LightSand is again the unique equipment available that can run customer applications that need to use Fiber Channel and LAN/Layer2 simultaneously and using the same equipment.

Customers will be able to concentrate all connectivity between Data Centers for High Volume Traffic replication in the same LightSand equipment, taking the advantage of very High SLAs for all applications with an unprecedented ROI.

The new LightSand technology, Congestion Avoidance, enables the use of any kind of WAN link between Data Centres, from the dedicated Ultra Low-Latency networks to other types of shared Link communications with a reduced SLA such as the Internet.

With this new technologies implemented on the LightSand i-SWAN system, we managed to introduce new capabilities for Data Centres interconnectivity and at the same time revolutionize the way our customers will handle their choices when it comes to choose the WAN communications link between Data Centres.