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Through the course of resolving support issues, LightSand Technical Services customers will receive automated e-mail from LightSand regarding their Service Requests.

Instructions to Reply

If you have received an automated e-mail message from LightSand Technical Services, you may respond in any of the following ways, as needed:

  • E-mail Replies: If you reply to an automated e-mail message from LightSand Technical Services that is regarding an open Service Request, your e-mail message will be captured and posted to your Service Request. The assigned support engineer will be alerted to the update. E-mail replies regarding a Closed SR will not notify a support engineer. To re-open a closed SR, please contact us.

  • E-mail Attachments: E-mail attachments should be in ZIP format. ZIP files are more likely to be accepted through anti-spam and anti-virus protections. However, attachments may still be blocked in some cases.